The Red Dragon Junk

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Duration: 0 day

Place of departure: ET069

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A stunning sun deck Panorama of Red Dragon where you can sail
A stunning sun deck  
Panorama of Red Dragon
 where you can sail
Why Red Dragon Junk?
The Red Dragon junks are at international standard andare designed in oriental decoration style. This is the first fleet of small but luxury junks in Vietnam, with boats supporting maximum 10 passengers.
Based on the Ancient Halong Sail-Boat Style, Red Dragon Junk is designed perfectly by wood, stone and bronze in harmony between tradition and luxury. With a fully-equipped dinning room, a deluxe cabin with en-suite bathroom, sunbathing and relaxing area, a professional kitchen, a captain cabin and a separate Staff ‘area.
Facilities of the RED DRAGON JUNK
No other company cruises "off the beaten path" to the areas within BaiTuLong bay. We are the first fleet of small but luxury junks inVietnam, with boats supporting maximum 10 passengers. Well-trained crew, enthusiastic to exceed all of yourexpectations, in true Vietnamese style. A chance to meet the locals who live on the floating fishing villages. Learn about their daily life and how they strive to keep their home, Ha Long Bay, beauty...
The feature of the RED DRAGON JUNK
- Number of Junks: 2. 
- The Red Dragon 1: Launched: April 2008.
- The Red Dragon 2: Will be launched in Sept 2008
- Length: 25.0 meters & Width: 6.0 meters.
- Five Deluxe Cabins (3 Double, 1 Twin and 1 Triple). 
- Two Upper Luxury Dinning Areas: In and Outdoors.
- Two Spacious Sunbathing and Relaxing Areas.
- One Staff Section &  One Kitchen                                                                                          
The price list to charter this deluxe junk: Quoted in USD / group.
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