Ba Na Mountain

Ba Na - Chua Mount tourist site lies within the area of Hoa Vang District, Danang City, about 50km to the west of city center. Located at 1.487 meters high above sea level, this area has a year round cool climate which makes it an ideal resort in the central region. Visitors have to pass through 15km long of winding road in order to reach the top of Ba na Mountain.
Coming to this site, tourists will not onlyhave chance to enjoy the green and fresh atmosphere but also to observe beauty spots which can hardly be found in other regions. In sunny days, you will be able to observe the whole wide spreading space including Danang city, Vung Thung Bay, My Khe Beach, Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son), Cham Island, etc. All the scenery there look like an aquarelle painting that the nature has created.

Ba Na possesses a rich and diverse flora and fauna system. You can find lots of animal and plant species in large primitive forests. In 1986, the site had been recognized as the natural reserve which preserve and protect the tropical forest and many precious species.

At the beginning of 20th century, the French had built many hotels, villas on Ba Na Mount to satisfy the demand for relaxation and entertainment of French people. After the war, this site had been destroyed and people were likely to forget it. However, in recent years, Danang has gradually upgraded and improved the old villas of the French, the Buddhism cultural area and series of hotels, bars, tennis court, etc. Visiting Ba Na, you can also take part in camp-fire nights and get to know about mountainous region’s specialties which are introduced there. Tourists can transfer to the center of Ba Na – Chua Mount tourist site from Vong Nguyen Hill through a modern hanging cable system.



It would be a miss if you come to Danang without visiting Ba Na- Chua Mount. Annually, Ba Na welcomes a large number of visitors in and outside the country. Spending a night at this site will provide you a chance to join in the wild life there with lots of amazing things. Ba Na will properly be your right choice especially in hot summer days.