Phu Quoc Overview

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. The island is part of Kien Giang province, has a total area of 574 square kilometres (222 sq m2) and a permanent population of approximately 85,000. The district of Phu Quoc includes the island proper and 21 smaller islets. The district seat, Duong Dong, is located on the west coast, and is also the largest town on the island.
The economy is centered around fishing, agriculture and a fast-growing tourism sector; Phú Quốc being one of the most popular tourist destinations of Vietnam. 
Phu Quoc is famous in producing the two traditional products: fish sauce and pepper. Fish sauce in Phu Quoc is one of the most popular and be preferred by most of Vietnamese people. ( The other is Phan Thiet fish sauce , Lang co fish sauce..) . Phu Quoc is surrounding by the sea that supplied the main material ( fishes ) for this industry plus their secret ingredients that made the Phu Quoc fish sauce has a good smell and taste.
  Phu Quoc National Park
The National Park is mostly located across the North of the island with the northerly and eastern boundaries following ...
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  Phu Quoc Beaches 
If you plan a beach holiday on the largest island of Vietnam, you are advised to relax on Phu Quoc beach and enjoy a ...
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  Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Ham Ninh commune is located on the east of the fantastic Phu Quoc Island with the mountains and forests at the back and ...
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