Quan ho Bac Ninh folk-song


Or Bac Ninh folk formed quite long, so the Vietnamese community (Kinh) in 49 of their villages and some surrounding villages of two provinces of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang in Vietnam now created.
Folk songs for the response they are men and women. They sing of them in the spring, fall upon the festival or have friends. A pair of village women sing with a couple of other villages with a song with melody, lyrics and other for voice. The pair sang songs assigned lead, but the singer’s voice slid two to merge into one voice. They sang songs that words are poetry, folk songs are pure words,  patterns expressing love couples, unaccompanied attached. There are four specific technical theater: Vang, lace background, bouncing. 3 songs of their main forms: Sing farming and construction sectors taking singing, singing festival. Associated with the songs of their promiscuity to end, to make friends among the four of them, to “sleep four.” Although this custom is not practiced as much as before, the community residents of their villages while preserving and teaching folk art of this family.
Quan ho singing is a folk art of a highly collective nature. Those who sing are not entertainers, but all are part of the performance, and anyone is welcome to join.
Quan ho Bac Ninh folk songs is inscribed on the list of Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 30th September 2009.