Quan Lan


The beautiful island of Quan Lan is situated within the area of Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don Island district, Quang Ninh province. The island comprises a total area of 11 km2 and is featured with eight populated hamlets. Along the two sides of Quan Lan are the ten-kilometer long beaches, which have recently become popular for travelers. In the 11thcentury, this was once a prosperous commercial port of Van Don. Today, there are still many vestiges linked to such ancient commercial port. Visitors can see many pagodas and archaeological sites in Quan Lan although it lies deep in the sea.

Several tourist spots to be named in Quan Lan includes Quan Lan Communal House, which is built in the 18th century. This communal house is well-preserved with its exceedingly architectural beauty. Next to it is Quan Lan Pagoda (also called Linh Quang Pagoda), which is dedicated to Buddhism and Saint Lieu Hanh. The pagoda also worships the statue of old Hau, a local person who made great contributions to the construction of the pagoda. The statue features a gentle and cheerful old woman, which adds an original character to the pagoda. Another attraction which is situated besides Quan Lan Pagoda is the Nghe Quan Lan (or Duc Ong) Shrine, which is dedicated to Pham Cong Chinh, a local person who participated in the historical Van Don battle against the Yuan invaders. He was later honored as a god. Besides the great cultural value, Quan Lan is also rich is its valuable sea products such as octopuses, butterfish, mackerel, holothurians, shrimp and sai sung.

With regards to tourism, there is Quan Lan beach with pristine beauty and unspoiled surrounding environment. Tourists love Quan Lan for its natural charming beauty with deep blue water, strong waves and white sand spanning over kilometers. Staying at Quan Lan, tourists will have chance to relax on the fascinating beach and enjoy the local specialties. This is an ideal destination for relaxation, sightseeing and other activities.