• Coc Li market
    This Tuesday market is about 35km from Bac Ha. You can get here via a fairly good road, or by road and river; First Choice or hotel in Bac Ha can organise trips.
  •  Cao Son market
    Cao Son Market is located on the territory Cao Son Commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province.
  • Lung Khau Nhin Market
    Lung Khau Nhin Market is a small market hiding itself amongst the mountains and forests of the far north Vietnam.
  •  Can Cau Market
    Virtually every Saturday of the year, people of eight different ethnic minority hill tribes gather with their animals and agricultural products at Can Cau market high in the north - western mountains near Chinese border ...
  • Muong Hum market
    From Lao Cai station to North-west about 45 kms is Muong Hum market, which has preserved nearly intact its life - style, imbued with culture tradition.