Tuyen Lam Lake

Go alongside National Road 20 to Prenn Pass, just pass Datanla Waterfall, then turn left, and go about 2 km into the rolling pine forest, the tourists will face an immense lake with an impressive long time name of Tuyen Lam Lake.
The lake is formed by Tia Stream and by source of the Da Tam River, which flows down from Elephant Mountain. In an effort to have a reservoir of water supply for irrigation of the fields, in 1982, Irrigation Ministry started heaping barrages and damming up the rivers here.
 In 1987, the works finished and enlarged the lake surface up to 32 km2 with the greatest depth of 30m. It links numerous mountains and hills, offering a monumentally natural landscape.
Sailing on Tuyen Lam Lake, tourists have a chance to admire wonders of the mountains and hills, where they can make new discoveries from different views. How excited to call at Bao Dai Waterfall for an opportunity to get acquainted with a secluded family in the closest attachment to the nature. A visit at the picnic areas of Nam Qua and Da Tien will enable tourists to enjoy roast meat beside a big jug of Cần in beautiful houses. They may also lie at pleasure on glossy grass alluvial plain with wind flowing strongly, feeling the pleasure of life more and more, and feeling comfortable with that long journey in Dalat.