Vietnamese Clothing

  • Vietnam Clothing
    Vietnamese clothing is very diverse. Every ethnic group in Vietnam has its own style of clothing.
  • Impression of Vietnamese Women Costumes
    The costume of women in South Vietnam has gone through many stages of development, but still preserves its distinctive and unique imprints of the traditional culture.
  • Traditional Ao Dai for Tet
    Most Vietnamese people wear new clothes to celebrate Tet, or the Lunar new year, in order to promote a fresh beginning to the year. Although Western-style outfits are more convenient for daily chores, the traditional tunic, or ao dai, reappears each Tet.
  • Conical Hat (or Non La)
    Take a peasant's common conical hat, add a touch of this and a little of that, and you will have the idea, but not quite an authentic Non Bai Tho or "Poetical Leaf" from Central Vietnam.