Vietnamese Food

  • Vietnam Food
    Visitors to Vietnam will surely maze with the number of dishes made from rice: steamed rice (com) in daily meals, glutinous rice cake (square cake or banh chung), rice noodle, rice vermicelli, steamed rice pancakes (banh cuon) and many other ones.
  • Overview
    Much of Vietnam is lush and fertile due to an extensive river system, which includes the Red River Delta and the Mekong Delta. This makes it ideal for growing a wide range of vegetables and fruits, which are eaten in abundance.
  • Rice in Vietnam
    Rice is an integral part of life in Vietnam. Vietnam is an agricultural country with eight out of ten Vietnamese living in rural areas and making their living by growing rice. Many Vietnamese people say their country looks like two rice baskets placed at two ends of a pole.
  • Pho
    This is traditional breakfast of Vietnamese. It was made from beef and some vegetable made special tasty….