Ha Noi

  • Hanoi Overview
    The city of Hanoi is one of the most visited city in Vietnam. This magnificent hotspot ranks as the world's most eye-catching and fascinating cities. The city's serene ambiance gives it a cordial, almost regal flavor, emphasized by a rich history that dates back more than a thousand years.
  • Hanoi's Old Quarter
    As the oldest continuously developed area of Vietnam, Hanoi's Old Quarter has a history that spans 2,000 years and represents the eternal soul of the city.
  • The 36 Streets
    A majority of the street names in the Old Quarter start with the word hang. Hang means merchandise or shop. The guild streets were named for their product, service or location.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake
    Located in the centre of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake (‘Lake of the Returned Sword) is regarded as the heart of the city. Once a marshy lagoon, it owes its name and its fame to a powerful legend, a close parallel to an episode in the UK’s Arthurian mythology.
  • Temple of Literature (Van Mieu)
    Temple of Literature is located on Van Mieu Street, 2km west of Hoan Kiem Lake. Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam is a famous historical and cultural relic consisting of the Temple of Literature and Vietnam is first university.
  • Vietnam - Museum of Ethnology
    Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese Water Puppets
    The art of water puppetry, or mua roi nuoc, has roots that date back to the tenth century when it originated in the Red River Delta area of northern Vietnam. The farmers in the region celebrated festivals and harvests by performing this unique art form. Over the years, different villages have developed their own personal water puppet plays to mark certain battles or events.
  • One Pillar Pagoda
    One Pillar Pagoda is situated in the western part of Hanoi capital, near Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. It is on Ong Ich Khiem Street, Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
  • Quan Thanh Temple in Hanoi Vietnam
    Quan Thanh temple in Hanoi, located at a corner of old Co Ngu Road, present-day Thanh Nien Road and Quan Thanh Street, near Hanoi’s West and Truc Bach Lakes, Quan Thanh Temple with its spacious and charming landscape helps highlight the ancient and romantic beauty of this area.
  • Hanoi Opera House
    The Hanoi Opera House is situated on Le Thanh Tong St., Hanoi; near the Red River and several hundreds meters east of Hoan Kiem Lake.